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Version 1.2 fixes problems with multiple hosts in the same config section, cleans up the help output and the documentation, allows for specification of alternate config file, and of log and database files within the config file. (11-10-04)

Version 1.01e reflect a slight disabling change in You definitely need this one. (09-24-03)

Version 1.01d removes hostname checking other than for the correct characters - this makes it so any number of subdomains or a root domain will work as a update host

Version 1.01c fixes a tiny bug not allowing wierd passwords or dashed hostnames on the command line

Version 1.01b is a complete rewrite. This version supports multiple configurations and hostnames, web ip detection (and configurable router ip detection), smart abuse prevention with 25-day touching. This version may have more bugs than 0.99, but the more people that use it, the better bug feedback I will get. The configuration file is not compatible, and this version will stumble over the old configuration file. Also included is documentation in the form of a README.(09-16-02)

Version 0.99 includes Custom DNS functionality. (01-02-02)

Version 0.98 is released. This version contains bugfixes and uses the new /nic/update system. Also there is minor support for IPnat/IPmasq setups allowing the -z option to have the DynDNS server use it's best 'guess'. I'm not sure if there will ever be full support for this, as it requires using more bandwidth to ensure non-abusive updates.. Therefor you can only use it from a script or standalone, but not as a daemon. There may be minor bugs in the release.. please report them to me. (03-12-01)

I had to put out 0.73c because of a interesting error in the config generator. I was trying to make it lexically correct and stomped on it in the process ;) (06-27-00)

Release 0.73 has been finished. Someone recommended I tighten things up and make it able to run as a normal user. So.. I did. Now it recognizes whether you are root or not, and if you aren't, files are in ~/.addns/ instead of the standard /var/run/, /etc/addns.conf and /var/log/addns.log. I am sorry about not releasing Documentation. It's hard to get around to. Also the conf file generator had a bug in the backup mx part of it. Code is still messy. (06-26-00)

Release 0.71 is out! I fixed a bug where those of you with proxy servers could only use port 80 proxy (doh!). The main addition is logging. It logs to /var/log/addns.log. You can change this around lines 212 and 344. By tommorow I will have some Documentation out, promise ;). This is a general clean up, bug fix version. Enjoy. By the way, those of you with french ifconfig.. heh.. it now works. (06-20-00)

Release 0.65 is out, and I have modified the IP detection to work on many more systems. Redhat 6.2 is one of them. Please, Please tell me what platforms this is working on. Thank you. (06-12-00)

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